Friday, March 2, 2012


I finally finished Gracie's quilt a few weeks ago!  We took a few pictures of it with my iPhone and it went STRAIGHT onto Gracie's bed because she has been waiting so long!

I love the way it came out!  I love the back (talk about anxiety!!)!  I decided to do a big "X" for quilting and then repeated it to the edges.  It was the first time I "marked" a quilt and sewed over the marks.  Wasn't in love with the pencil I used - I need to find something better for next time!

I did take some better outside pictures later on but I still didn't upload them, so they will come when I stop being a procrastinator!

I'm working on a "plus" quilt now.  Everything is cut and laid out (thanks, MOM!) but it's been almost 2 weeks and no sewing has been done :(  It will happen eventually!

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