Saturday, February 11, 2012

Up-cycled quilt

My husband put a bunch of dress shirts (really nice, really expensive dress shirts) in the pile for goodwill about 6 months ago and I just knew I had to keep them.  I didn't know for what, but the fabric was just so soft and such a nice color.

Enter baby Oscar, who was born a month ago.  I was thinking of what I should do for his quilt, when his mom posted a picture of his nursery on her blog and I thought to myself "Self!  You need to use those shirts!"

So I cut them up, along with some old khakis, seersucker pants, and an old dress of Gracie's.  I wasn't really sure how it was going to look, but once I had it put together I was in love!  I know, it's a little weird to be gifting a quilt made of our old clothes... but it is my husband's super close friend, and they are pretty openminded, so I think it's ok :)

Thanks to mom, again, for advice on the borders.  I really stink at borders!

And I used quilting flannel for the first time for the backing.  I really love how it felt - I'll be doing that from now on for the baby quilts I do.

Luckily, I have a little break from baby quilts.  The next baby is in March, and they aren't finding out the sex, so I have time!

I have been working on Gracie's quilt.  Yah, I finally decided it was time to get this out of the WIP pile.  I am done with the basting and finished up the quilting today!  Just have to put the binding on that baby and I'll be done!  Gracie is so excited!

And I have my next quilt already cut out!  It's one for our house, so I'm super excited!!

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  1. Lovely quilt and great idea! I love love a high quality shirting fabric. Have you ever seen a crazy quilt made from mens ties? You might have to make one as a companion piece to this!