Monday, October 3, 2011

Touch Pad cover

My husband recently bought an HP Touch Pad.  He has been asking me to make him a cover, and I had done the research and picked the fabric... I just hadn't done it yet!

So we were just hanging around yesterday, having a lazy Sunday and it was the perfect time to do this project!

I used a mix of tutorials: This one from Moda Bake shop and this one from The Cottage Shop

I used scraps for the outside, a piece of warm and white for the batting, and a piece of an old dress shirt of Gregg's for the lining (I know, I know, I'm so resourceful).  It was also my first time doing free motion quilting on any project.  I had to start over and rip out some of it, but it ended up coming out pretty good!  I do need to play a little bit with the tension on my machine and the speed while free motion quilting.  I guess that is just going to take some practice!

So now the new touchpad is ready for our Disney Vacation!