Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A quilt for baby girl!

A friend of ours just had a baby girl!  I was making her a "gender neutral" quilt because she wasn't finding out the sex of the baby in advance.  But as soon as I found out it was a girl I decided to make a "girly" quilt, because everyone I know is having a boy or not finding out the sex!

I did another zig-zag quilt, because I am temporarily obsessed with them.  Pink and grey.  Another quilt I love so much and had such a hard time parting with!

And I was SO excited to find this black fabric for the backing at Joann's.  It is just perfect!

I did straight line machine quilting on both sides of the zig zag seams in pink cotton thread.  I really love the effect... I am so glad that I started machine quilting.  I still have yet to do free motion quilting, but that is coming.  Just trying to get up my nerve!  And all of these pictures are post-machine washing, so it is all nice and crinkly!

A few more pictures:

We leave for Disney in 9 days!  Just finished a Bambi dress for Gracie and still need to do the Princess Tiana dress!  Almost done with our Pirate Costumes, too, I need to find a child size pirate hat to complete Gracie's costume!  I'll do a separate post on the Disney dresses and Pirate costumes when I am done with all of them!

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